Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday Update

Well I thought Sunday was meant to be the day of rest, how come it always seems to be my busiest. I have a set routine, which always starts with the ironing....I dont mind that though....I normally watch a film or TV programme to help the time pass. After brunch I get on with updating my website and sorting other craft related tasks. Its often the only chance I get all week to do this.


Every weekend I add a free template to my website, today I created a simple lattice mini card, topper, and tag. These are actually all from a font called gridsnthings which works so well for cutting machines.


Not only was my normal day job extremely busy this week, but int he evenings I was working hard to improve and convert templates to the perfect condition required by Paperthreads. Believe me, any templates you buy from them will be pristene and should cut perfectly in all formats. The whole design team is extremely focussed on this and is amazing at helping each other learn the best methods.

I have a batch of templates waiting to go on sale, see an example below. Check out my items on Paperthreads (see sample below).

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