Sunday, 22 February 2009


I hope you all liked the free fairy doorway last week, and the 15 free border templates from the Blog Hop on Monday 16th February.

I hope you like this weeks free template just as much.

This week I am offering something for both scrappers and cardmakers alike.

This RECORD collection can be used to make a novelty card, or a number of record sleeves can be joined together to make a mini scrapbook album. The records and sleaves are great fun to decorate with the recipients favourite bands and singers, and can of course include photos and text on the round.

I would love to see any photos of anything you make with this free template. Please email them to me at Click on either picture to jump to the freebie page.

PS - check out this website to help you make your own records !!!!!

PPS - check out Edditas store for fantastic 50s embellishments.


  1. Hi Jennie, This is one of the few templates I haven't purchased and the link won't work? Thanks, Micki

  2. Hi Jennie, this is MJ, i did the 3d chappel i will send you my pic of that.

    the link of the record collectio doesn't work :(



  3. Wahh (me crying like a baby) the link doesn't work. I know you'll fix it, so thanks in advance and thanks for all your wonderful freebies!


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